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Professor Longhair, Rugged and Funky dives into the life of unsung musical genius Professor Longhair. Known as the "Originator of Funk and  Rock & Roll" and "The Bach of Rock", Professor Longhair like so many other black musicians of his time, and still today, never got his due. The film not only honors his musical prowess and playful personality, but paints a picture of his life in New Orleans through the unseen final interviews of late musical greats like Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Henry Butler, and Robert "Barefootin" Parker. 

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
~ Documentary Film of the Year ~

Professor Longhair, Rugged & Funky
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"Bagnall keeps the film lean and fast-paced without sacrificing its intimate, conversational tone. The most emotionally impactful moments belong to Byrd’s daughter, Pat, whose gaze practically burns a hole in the screen." - Chris Jay

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Support our mission to finally deliver HIS STORY!

Fish Pot Studios is honored to share this comprehensive documentary that dives deep into the life and times of the great Professor Longhair, the Byrd family, his friends and those who loved and respected his musical talents and accomplishments

The film is ready for placement and distribution. All licensing has been negotiated, but unfortunately Professor Longhair's family does not have ownership rights to his music catalog or masters, as well as archive footage. 

Therefore, we need to raise funds to cover costs for music and sync licensing from music industry entities who are in possesion of his iconic hits like "Big Chief", "Go To The Mardi Gras", "Tipitina" and more.... PLEASE MAKE A TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION NOW! All proceeds will benefit the mission of Fish Pot Studios and Sunstar Gate Productions to deliver this important film to the worldwide stage. TOGETHER we can FINALLY give Professor Longhair's story the SHINE and REDEMPTION he has long deserved. 



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